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Teal Data and Analysis

Teal is a business intelligence and data administration company catering to large and medium size businesses in the Bahamas and the U.S.
Teal is offering services that allow businesses to make better use of the data they have primarily, through a combination of data mining, analysis services and reports.

The owner, Craig Thackaray, wanted an identity that would steer clear off the “big business” look and suggest instead his positioning as a single, focused contractor, who handles each project with due diligence and personal attention.

We recommended in turn a rebranding to reflect the new approach of the company. We designed Teal’s logo and business card with the mission to communicate quality and pragmatism without losing approachability.

Our work


Corporate Identity

Graphic Design


Modern Look | Increased Brand Awareness

Client’s thoughts

“Melissa at Saffire Marketing listened carefully and was very effective and efficient at realizing my needs. The work was on point, and I felt my goals were met at the budget I had. I wholeheartedly recommended Saffire Marketing’s services.”

Craig Thackaray – Owner, Teal Data and Analysis

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