Project Summary


Glinton Sweeting O’Brien (GSO) was our first marketing journey into legal services territory. GSO is a full service boutique law firm, the fastest growing in The Bahamas, catering to a high end, international clientele.

We started by designing a new brand identity that leverages one of the most valuable assets of the company: its progressive mindset, from which stems its debonair appeal and creative approaches when it comes to legal matters.

We applied their new image to all the materials, from signage and stationery, to anniversary artwork, ads and press releases. We also assisted with planning community support and PR events, ensuring them the right coverage across various media outlets. We acted as their marketing confidante, guiding GSO on new partner announcements and assisting them with planning and materials for their 10 year anniversary celebration.

GSO was also in need of a complete website redesign. We determined the appropriate website site map, branding language, and created copy and content to launch a modern comprehensive website reflective of the firm’s new branding.


Our work



Copywriting & Content

Corporate Branding

Marketing Strategy

Radio Copy & Production

Web Design & Development


Increased brand awareness | Established brand identity | Stronger international presence | Modern and sleek website

Client’s thoughts

“Melissa helped us rebrand our law firm. She is dedicated, innovative and enjoyable to work with. She is not afraid to express an opposing opinion, learned how to work with various personalities of our firm quickly, and she produced what we believe is a professional web site, logo and set of marketing materials. She keeps us up to date on marketing initiatives, and continues to help us produce newspaper announcements and other written materials. I am pleased to recommend Melissa as a Marketing Director‬.”

Andrew O’Brien – Managing Partner, Glinton Sweeting O’Brien

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